About My Language Master

About My Language Master

Penny Najjar - Learn English Conversation, Learn American EnglishMy Language Master was founded by Penelope Najjar in the Greater Boston area. I help people improve their communication skills with an emphasis on the spoken word.

I have had the opportunity to work in high tech for many years as a writer, and like anyone else in the working world I attended meetings, conveyed information over the phone and presented summaries of conferences I attended to members of my software development group. There is a lot you have to do in the course of a single day! And your ability to communicate is crucial! In a sense I transfer my skills to my clients if needed. I have experience helping others with professional presentations in the area of formatting, word choice, structure, introductions, transitions, and endings. The use of various parts of grammar depend on the native language of the client. That’s where I come in and remind them of articles or prepositions, tenses, and adjectives.

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I am a certified accent modification trainer with 15 years experience as a corporate communications specialist, supporting customers in the defense and semiconductor industries (clients included DoD, IBM, Intel, Toshiba, Texas Instruments).

I have also taught international students and professionals attending rigorous, structured ESL programs at Boston area colleges. Recently, I taught a class of high school students enrolled in a Boston prep school and helped teach them writing and the use of two word verbs.

Born in the Greater Detroit Area, I grew up speaking what is referred to as General American English. I lived in Greece while in my teens and speak fluent Greek. I attended undergraduate school in the US, France and Greece. I took formal French lessons as a young adult. As such, I understand the challenges you face when speaking a second (or third) language.

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