Learn English Conversation: Effective English Communication

Learn English Conversation

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english learning, english class,	learn american englishWould you like to learn English conversation at the advanced level?

Improve your communication skills and learn how American English pronunciation differs from English in its written form. The benefits of learning spoken English are many.

  • telephone skills for personal and professional use
  • negotiation skills for professional and personal purposes
  • networking skills for personal and professional advancement
  • presentation skills for public speaking

The list goes on and on.

Take our Free Accent Assessment and get a partial listing of your accented speech.

Do you want to improve your American English pronunciation?

english learning, english class,	learn american englishFirst, you must learn those speech sounds that are mispronounced or omitted entirely. Then you must replace them with accurate pronunciation.

By following the Compton method, you will learn strategies that work if practiced diligently. As with anything in life, continuous effort, repetition and structure are needed in order to improve your spoken English language skills.

Get a comprehensive analysis and assessment. Your program is designed with your results in mind. Get access to your own audio lab and begin right away!

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