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Invest in yourself and learn English conversation. Your professional presentations, negotiating skills, and networking ability will benefit from an English class.

Learn American English to gain confidence and the attention of of your audience.

Eliminate the speech sounds that prevent others from understanding you. Showcase your talent by optimizing intelligibility

Get a free accent screening now or contact Penny for more information.

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Accent Reduction

Concentrated 3 Month Workshop includes the following:

  • accent sampling procedures
  • phonological analysis
  • individualization and pre-planning
  • teaching procedures
  • workshop materials
  • in-class time
  • daily practice requirements
  • final recordings and course wrap-up
American English pronunciation, American pronunciation, spoken English


The focus of American English Pronunciation is improvement by elimination. Removing those sounds that prevent others from understanding you is essential.

Learn English conversation, English classes workshops, business English, business writing

Business Writing

Learn the basics of business writing. Learn the basics of technical writing. Understand the difference of writing to:

  • communicate effectively
  • inform
  • persuade
  • instruct

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