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American Accent Training

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American accent training, daily English conversation, accent reduction classesDo you want to learn English conversation for work or school or graduate school? Do you have to repeat yourself often? Frustrated? Learn the rules of spoken English and watch others respond to your message; not to your accented speech.

If you are willing to commit the time and effort required to complete the program, and submit to the structure and routine of the program, you can expect to improve by at least 50%.

Get a free screening now. If you have ten minutes to spare, a computer with a built-in microphone click the button below. You will receive a partial listing of your accented speech within 24 hours.

The complaint of not being understood is stressful. Learn how to speak natural American English.

Learn English Conversation

A banker from Brazil contacted me for help with his accent. His company wanted him to learn English because his American colleagues could not understand him at meetings. He told me he could not understand them either.

Problem: After two months in the U.S. he was concerned about his spoken skills. He said that daily activities like shopping or asking for directions were frustrating because people were confused by his accent. Typical responses are presented below.

“Whaat? What did you say?”

“Say that again?”

Solution: He took accent training, met with me weekly and practiced daily. Improvement was immediate. Friends commented on his speech and daily activities were accomplished with less confusion and frustration.

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