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Collocations are made from a group of simple words that appear together to produce a specific meaning. It’s important to remember 

no grammatical rules 

word meanings and word associations 

weak verbs (do, make, have, get, take )

simple adjective (hard, cold, strong, weak) combinations make up many many collocations

General Collocations for Work

 The following collocations are used for all kinds of work. 

Collocation                                                                                        Grammatical Pattern

  • to get / find work. …                                                              (verb + noun) 
  • to apply for a job. …                                                              (verb + noun)
  • to do shift work                                                                     (verb + adjective + noun)
  • to go/be on strike. …                                                             (verb + noun)
  • to be fired (more formal) …                                                   (verb + adverb)
  • manual labor/manual work.                                                  (adj + noun)
  • good, hard, productive, motivated worker                             (adj + noun)
    fast, slow, professional, average, unemployed,
    voluntary, migrant, seasonal …

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